Believe it or not we make wine in Lake Elsinore!!  We don't grow grapes here but we do make wine.  We feel that we are uniquely capable of bringing to our neighborhood some of the best grapes that California produces because we are not held to using specific grapes tied to property we own or long term contracts.  We also get to utilize grapes from small, family vineyards that, in many cases, are tended in the same manner we make our wines: as natural and chemical free as possible.  Our current stock of released and unreleased wines include those made with grapes locally sourced over the years from Hemet, Ramona, Rancho Cucamonga, Dulzura, La Cresta and even Corona.

We start by doing most of the picking ourselves.  We bring those grapes to Lake Elsinore and process in our shop: crushing, destemming, pressing, storage, bottling, labeling, etc.  We keeps things as simple as we can so we can keep our costs low.  Our output would be called "boutique" - though Jim hates that term.  We prefer to use the term "craft"  or "artisanal" because every step of every process is overseen by either Jim or I, usually both.  Our approach to winemaking is to follow my fathers advice: "Let it do what it does."  We do.  We do as little as possible so what you taste is a real reflection of what that grape is.  We allow the grapes to begin the fermentation process with the natural yeast on the fruit.  We will add some winemakers yeast, we occasionally do a little bit of oak - but essentially that is it.  We do not chemically filter or fine our wines and we do not add sulphites before bottling.  

Our simple approach also extends to our settings  We are a winery, next door to a brewery, in an industrial park in Lake Elsinore.  There are not rolling vistas of vines.  There is not an exotic wood bar with gleaming granite floors.  We don't pipe in classical music and there is no marble statuary or fountains.  No one here is a sommelier.  Our Crane St. location serves as our production site and original tasting room.

We have been fortunate enough to join forces with a local business, Resurrection Relics, located at 126 N. Main St. in the Historic Downtown Area of Lake Elsinore.  They are providing a site for us to begin pouring wine there within weeks and completion of permitting.  We are excited to be contributing to the revitalization of this important part of our city and hope to serve patrons at this location soon.

Our setting is rustic California casual at Crane St.  Our decor includes reclaimed barn timbers, rusted corrugated metal panels, red painted barn doors, a vintage KISS pinball machine and a tattered brown bear flag that used to fly over a correctional facility.  Ask us and we are happy to show you the production area - it's just through a hole in the wall.

But we think the most important thing you will find during your visit to either location is us, the people that made your wine, filling your glass and more than happy to share our passion about wine with you without pretension and with an enthusiastic willingness to share everything we know and appreciate about it.

If your current winery experience has been fighting with busloads of people to have someone behind the bar pour you a ridiculously expensive tasting while they snub their noses at you for not being able to pronounce an obscure Italian grape, come visit us.  You'll be treated like a friend of the family and get a good, affordable glass of wine in a fun and casual setting.

Yes, that's rebellious, and we like it that way.  We think you will too.

Finding our wine....