"The Best Sangria I've Ever Had"

Get the Rebel Red Sangria NOW IN A BOTTLE!!!

We had to dedicate a whole page to our Sangria's because, well frankly, they deserve it!  The Sangria came about on the day of our opening on June 1, 2013.  We opened that day because we wanted to be able to pour our wines at our neighbor's, Craft Brewing Company, anniversary event.  It was about 105 degrees that day and we had spent that morning moving the bar into the tasting room and trying to figure out how to work the cash register.  But, it all worked out.  We had family here to help out and, with the heat, I decided we needed something a little more "refreshing" to offer the patrons at a craft beer event.  We poured bottles of white wine in a gallon pitcher and threw in frozen peaches, pineapples and mangos.  I threw in a bit of sweetener.  We stocked up on bags of ice.  We poured that concoction into plastic glasses and sold it by the glass.  What a hit!

Subsequently, we developed a red wine version with frozen blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries and a red appropriate sweetener.  It became our "bridge" product for all the craft beer drinkers that were willing to try wine.  They loved it.  The wine drinkers loved it.  And, when it came time to name it, we went with what we heard as the most common reaction: "That is the best sangria I've ever had!"  We heard that even from the people that adamantly told us they didn't like sangria's, they were too sweet, too fruity.  They ate their words, along with the wine soaked fruit.

Until the official spring launch, we will only have the fresh sangria on a limited basis: call to see what we have.  In spring we will be back to the Red, White and then add the Rose' again in the summer and available to take with you in your logo growler.  In the meantime, we do have the bottled red sangria on the menu to take home in the standard 750 ml bottle or have by the glass. 

Yes, you read that right, La Rebelde now gives you the Rebel Red Sangria all bottled up in a standard 750 ML bottle all ready to take with you!!!  And, understand, we still adhered to our objective of producing wine with as little chemical intervention as possible.  That means - no added sulphites in our process.  Each bottle is pasteurized then corked by hand to maintain the wonderful sweetness that all our customers love!  And, Sweet Baby Jesus, it is wonderful (apologies if I offend but you have no idea how happy this made us!!!) as we took the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and macerated them into the mix so you still get that fruit flavor without the need for the spoon I normally give you.  We did strain this through cloth filter media but not by machine or with chemicals so it's still is the dark, heavy, fruity wonderfulness you expect from us with a little chunkiness on the bottom.  Don't cellar this - refrigerate this or pour it over ice and enjoy as your dessert (if you can wait that long).

We hope to put the white sangria in a bottle via the same method sometime soon.