La Rebelde Winery & Rebel Sake' Kura

Brix and Sancho

Whenever we go to wineries or breweries, my husband is always on the lookout for the other family members that might be hanging around, a cat laying across the bar or a dog spread out on cool concrete under a fermenting tank.  We did not have any intention of adding a winery dog or cat to our situation but then Brix happened.  If you have any familiarity with wine making language you know that brix is the measurement of sugar in anything - in our case it is grape juice.  Our Brix is a 9 lb, mostly Rat Terrier with some added Chihuahua and probably Dachshund.  His primary job at La Rebelde is Security, and he takes his job very seriously.  He knows our regulars and the regulars and employees at our neighbor, Craft Brewing Company.  If you've become familiar it is likely he'll give you a cursory bark as you enter but then go find his ratty stuffed animal so he can try to engage you in a game of fetch.  Definitely the smartest animal that has ever owned us, he's a fixture here and has a group of adoring fans amongst our customers.  It's very likely that if you see Rebecca out somewhere, there is a good chance Brix is with her or sitting on his bed on the center console in the F-150 (weather permitting) waiting for her.  He gets along well with other dogs and we are dog friendly as long as your dog can engage safely with our small dog and other patrons.  

UPDATE: In February of 2020, our Sancho passed on.  It was a very hard loss for us and for a number of our customers as well.  He was one of a kind and we miss him everyday.  We have our little shrine to Sancho in our tasting room so you can still have a drink with the big, beautiful cat at La Rebelde.

However, Brix understands that he shares this space with the very BIG (about 15 lbs), lazy, black and grey cat that actually lives on site named Sancho.  People have told us he has all the characteristics of the Maine Coon breed.  He is actually a rescue that used to be our alley cat that now has a wine named after him - the Sancho Sangiovese.  Living in a winery very much appeals to him, so much so that he has trained himself to understand that the security bell that sets Brix barking, actually means that more humans are arriving to worship and pet him.  Do not be surprised when he jumps up on the stool next to you so he can find his way onto your lap (as much of him that will fit) so you can pet him while he purrs loudly and proceeds to kneed your legs.  He is partial to woman, hence the name Sancho, which is a Spanish slang term for a married woman's boyfriend.  He has a very loyal group of fans that actually make plans to come to La Rebelde just to drink a glass of wine and pet the cat (I really should start to market this)!  But as lazy and indulgent as he appears to be, he actually rules the neighborhood, having bested a number of feral cats looking to show their dominance.  Nope...ain't gonna happen.

Between Brix and Sancho there is tenuous tolerance for each other.  But Brix definitely understands that he is outweighed and out-weaponed by the cat.  Occasionally one or the other will make an effort to put the other in its place.  We are always quick to remind the dog that he should back down, and he seems to get it.  

But, it is the best of both worlds here with "dogs and cats living together!!" and the fans of both able to have a glass of wine with the winery cat and dog!!