La Rebelde Winery

Join us Saturday, July 13 at 8 pm for a Spiritual Relaxation Paint and Sip Night (includes an energetic cleansing!  

Rebel Sake'

La Rebelde Winery & Rebel Sake' Kura

Wine and Sake'. All Natural.

What does that mean?  As small-lot, artisanal and minimalist wine and sake' makers, we focus on bringing out character in every bottle.  There is no filtering or fining or adding of sulfites before we bottle.  Simple and rustic and true to the ingredients and process, is our intent.

With art work focused on prosperity/abundance, you will create your own piece with your choices of color and all materials provided and local artist Lisa Cabrera will assist you with that process. (Teal sample is NOT Lisa's, it is mine and I am NOT an artist)

An energetic cleansing will be offered to those of you who wish to partake by Nina Gomez (in English or Spanish) who is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Rieki Master/Instructor and Shamanic Healer/Practitioner. A cleansing is a simple process of removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy focused on an intended outcome. Nina, part owner of local shop Pranamama, will be hanging around all night and be able to answer any questions you have about spiritual topics.

You get one glass of wine of your choice and we'll have some light snacks included in the price. This will be a fun night of exploring how to focus positive energy in your life. Purchase your tickets now at TicketLeap via the button for $38.  Walk ins without TicketLeap purchase will be subject to available space and a $40 charge.