Your local winemaker and tasting room

Our current wine list includes varietals and blends from grapes grown all over California.  We have produced wines with grapes from Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, San Diego.  Locally, we work with small family vineyards in places like La Cresta, Ramona and Hemet.



Wine Philosophy

As small-lot, artisanal and minimalist winemakers, we focus on bringing out the character of the grape in every bottle.  There is no filtering or fining or adding of sulphites before we bottle.  Simple and rustic and true to the fruit, is our intent.

Call for more information - 951-741-7337.  We are open 5 days a week.

La Rebelde Winery

Our tasting room hosts recurring events where charity music events happen. We also offer the space for private parties at a reasonable or no rate (depending on your needs).  Check our calender for scheduled events. Call us for booking space.